Four Videos to help make your marketing efforts more effective.
Watch each video and make simple changes that will 
get you more customers.
Marketing isn't working? Here's why
How to make your website work better
Winning over customers with Google
Reviws work. Here's how to get them!
Effective local marketing doesn't have to be complicated. 
Are you asking yourself these questions? 
Why aren't my marketing efforts working?
Why am I spending money on ineffective marketing? 
Why is getting results so complicated?
Overcome all of these obsticals and gain clarity with the local business marketing makeover.
How much is a ineffective marketing costing you?
Implement what you learn in these videos and get more customers...
About Seth Morrisey: 
Seth teaches local business owners how to grow wildly profitable businesses. 

Born into an entrepreneurial family and with a strong passion for local community, over the last 10 years, Seth co-founded the digital marketing agency Oregon Web Solutions and video production house Morrisey Productions. 

Oregon Web Solutions has a long track record of helping local business owners succeed beyond their wildest expectations. Seth is now turning his focus to empowering local business owners.
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